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The Cornell Versator can be quoted as an individual unit and as a package unit with a dedicated vacuum pump, vacuum piping, and electrical controls.

Please contact Cornell Machine to discuss your request and a quotation will be prepared.

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Versator Sales

The Cornell Machine Company can offer Cornell Versators for in-plant trials on a monthly rental basis.

The Cornell Versator Machine Company’s Cornell Versators:

  • Can be installed in your laboratory or plant for samples or production. See firsthand how the Versator will process your material in a research or production setting.
  • Can be rented for as long as needed with limited obligation. The rental program operates on a monthly basis and continues until the unit is returned or purchased.
  • Are in excellent condition and are well maintained. We do not supply rental units in “as is” condition. Each unit is checked and refurbished after each rental. In some cases, the Cornell Versator rental unit may be a new unit!
  • Have a guarantee similar to a brand new unit and are supplied with operation manuals, drawings, and technical support.
  • Can be offered for purchase during the rental. The rental unit which is already installed in your plant can be offered for sale at a discounted price with a rental payment credit on the purchase.
  • Can be offered for outright purchase at a discounted price with a guarantee and technical support similar to a brand new unit.

The Cornell Machine Company can also offer rental vacuum pumps for use with the Cornell Versator.

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The Cornell Machine Company can offer spare and replacement parts for the Cornell Versator. Parts can also be offered for related equipment such as mechanical variable speed drives, vacuum pumps, knock-out filters.

Critical spares for the Versator are typically in stock.

The Cornell Machine Company is the only distributor of genuine Versator parts.

Please contact The Cornell Machine Company for your specific needs. Please provide the S/N of the Versator and a file number (S-#### or NY-####) when inquiring for parts.

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The Cornell Machine Company can offer repair and refurbishing service for Versators at our facility in Springfield, New Jersey, USA.

The Cornell Machine Company can offer a variety of service – from gasket and seal changes to full scale overhaul – with genuine Versator parts.

Please contact The Cornell Machine Company for more information. Please do not forward any unit for repair or service without contacting Cornell Machine first.

Cornell Machine can offer high quality refurbished units. These units have been overhauled with access to the original engineering files and information; nothing is supplied in “as is” take-your-chances condition.